In locations without the luxury of fibre optic, either to location or country, VSAT is the most cost effective solution.

Our VSAT systems in Africa and worldwide, enable us to provide unmetered (subject to FUP) connections in a range of bandwidth offerings.  From CIR, Shared and meshed products, using both Ku and C-Band systems, we can provide fast, fixed cost connectivity to the most remote locations.

All our systems come with a FULL grade-of-service statement, ensuring minimum and burst bandwidth speeds are full disclosed.  There are NO hidden numbers – no hidden contention issues.

Wireless Microwave Links

While VSAT is usually enough to give connectivity between sites, the speed of light sometimes just isn’t fast enough!  Travelling 22,000 miles on each hop between ground and space, latency and packet loss quickly increase.
If you have sites that are close enough together to join up, it can revolutionise your communications infrastructure – and save you money!

Imagine, an office in the town – and a camp 50km away.  Being able to have video conferences in broadcast quality between the two, CCTV images relayed between them,  to backup vital important data between then in real-time, to share internet connectivity (saving money!) and of course VOIP comms, to give both your teams the feeling of being in the next room.

Using a range of products from proven carrier-grade manufacturers, we can make this a reality – for far less investment than you would think!

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