The Hardware Choices

We’re not tied into any alliances with hardware vendors.   We’re big believers in picking the best-of-breed for each hardware type (switches, routers) that will offer amazing value for money, are rugged enough to stand up to the most inhospitable of environments, and often taking the view that rather than getting the most expensive – that by purchasing two lower cost products gives the client that all-important redundancy – vital in remote locations.

Leaving nothing behind…..!

Our IT/Networking services leave nothing to chance.  When in remote locations – you need to be reassured that we’ve thought of everything.   Every nut, bolt, cable, black box and widget is considered.

We have a unique “configuration circle” technique.   We clear a space in our warehouse, and into the circle we bring everything needed to complete a particular project.  From cables, tools, hardware, power provision – to  the spares that are always needed!  Once the system has been configured thoroughly tested, it’s packed (in the circle) and then shipped.

Once onsite, we always try and use locally sourced labour and materials where possible to reduce shipping costs and augment your company’s policy on support of local economies.

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